The Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance works to dismantle barriers to ensure people of all ethnic backgrounds have
equal access and opportunity to participate fully in the life of the community.

Important Note

HB 4105 and 4334

The Michigan House will possibly be voting in the middle of next week on a couple of bills that were written along the same framework as the infamous Texas and Arizona immigration laws.

In spite of a good turnout from immigrant advocates at the committee meeting yesterday both of these bills already passed out of committee. 

Rep. Daniela Garcia is the house representative for District 90. That includes cities of Holland, Hudsonville and Zeeland, and townships of Holland, Jamestown and Zeeland.  Rep. Garcia has not decided how she will vote on the bills and said she wants to hear from her constituents.

Or you can just use the alert link as background and call her office directly--tell her you oppose the bills 4105 and 4334. Her number is 517-373-0830.

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