Form Group

NEW! Recruitment Video
  • Think about opportunities to broadcast the recruitment video: morning announcements, television displays, on the school website.

  • Show the video during your first few meetings to set the stage and ensure all students understand the purpose of Calling All Colors and what their role will be in the group.

  • Ask students to post the video on their personal social media (Facebook, Twitter) pages, encouraging their friends/classmates to repost and consider joining the group.

Find it on YouTube here...
If you need the video in another format, contact
Recruitment Poster

  • Put up posters in hallways, bulletin boards, classrooms.

  • Think about other student  groups or classes that align with  the purpose of Calling All Colors - give them a stack to pass out, ask them to mention Calling All Colors at their next meeting.

  • Be sure to include info on the bottom of when and where your group meets.
If you need the poster in another format, contact