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2017-2018 Curriculum
Each lesson below includes instructions, discussion questions, and a feedback form for liaisons to complete. Feedback is critical and we highly encourage suggestions on what worked well and what could be improved. 

Looking for additional ideas for discussion with students? Check out our curriculum archive!

Creating a safe space for students to talk about race issues is critical. Please print off the agreements below and discuss the each with your students before beginning the lessons. Emphasize that while talking about race issues can be a challenge, it is important that all participants agree that your CAC group is a safe space to share.

Calling All Colors Agreements

CAC online curriculum will be updated weekly with activities that will help you think about the ways in which unintentional bias and culture shape structural barriers. 

Please take advantage of these online updates as well as the entire online curriculum to develop your action plans. In the end, we aim at helping you develop an action plan to intentionally create change in your classrooms, school and your community.

Lastly, your feedback is valued and important to the success of the program. After each lesson, please take a moment to complete the online feedback survey before moving on to the next lesson. Thank you for your commitment to Calling All Colors!

2017-18 Lessons
Lesson 2
Please provide your valuable feedback after each lesson using the form below. 

CAC Curriculum Feedback 2016-17