Trial by Race! - Structural Racism
This lesson shows how interactions between multiple institutions can work together to create a more fair outcome.
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Allow 13 minutes for your Calling All Colors Group to view the video.

Allow 10 minutes to conduct a follow-up discussion with the below discussion questions.

Remember to allow time to let the video load before student arrival.

Click Here to watch the video on Youtube.

Discussion Questions
  • What stood out about the video?

  • What may the impact be of stereotypes of people of color in the media?

  • How may these same stereotypes impact how people of color are treated in the criminal justice system?

  • What was the outcome for the white defendant? How can we understand this?

  • What similarities can you make between what happened here and other experiences or stories you have heard?

  • What can we learn from this video that will help us create a more fair and just society?
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