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This lesson shows how racial attitudes are instilled at a very young age.

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Discussion Questions

How does watching the children in this video make you feel?

When asked “show me the dumb child,” most of the white children (76% of younger children) pointed to a child with brown skin. Where do you think the children heard the message that children with brown skin are not smart?

Even black children have some bias toward whiteness. One of the 5 year old girls interviewed said, “I don’t like the way brown looks. It looks really nasty for some reason.” How do you think this idea might affect how this little girl views herself? How might this affect her self confidence?

The message that light skin is better than dark skin is part of the system of advantage based on race that we call racism. When these ideas start to get inside our minds, they begin to shape how we view our selves and others.

What can we do to create change in our school to make sure that students don’t view themselves as better or worse because of the color of their skin?

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