What's Going on at Our School?
This lesson shows how systematic inequities may contribute to disparate outcomes in institutions like schools.
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Find your respective school data document and click on the PDF.

Zeeland School District

White Pines School District

West Ottawa Public Schools

Union High School

Thornapple Kellogg High School

Reeths Puffer Middle School

Northview High School

Muskegon Public School District

Macatawa Bay Middle School

Lee High School 

Lakeshore Middle School

Kenowa Hills High School

Holland Public Schools

Harbor Lights Middle School 

Jefferson School 

Grand Rapids University Preparatory Academy 

Grand Rapids Public Schools

Grand Haven Area Public Schools

Forest Hills Public Schools 

Central High School

Display the PDF for your Calling All Colors Group to view it or print it out for each student to have a copy.

Walk the students through the pie charts to explain what they are looking at. Have the students compare the different charts to the chart of the overall school or district demographics.

Discussion Questions
  • Where are the points where the graphs show different sizes of pie pieces than the overall school pie?
  • Why might this be? Why might groups of students in our school be having different experiences? How can we find out more information on why this might be happening?

  • What can we do as a Calling All Colors Group to make the pies look more similar?

  • What could we do to involve other students?
  • What could we do to involve teachers and administrators?
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