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Lesson Instructions

Pre-Discussion Questions
  • Why do we celebrate Columbus Day?

  • What do we know about the people who lived in North, Central and South America before European contact?

  • What was the relationship like between Columbus and the indigenous people he encountered?
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Discussion Questions
  • How does this information change your understanding of Christopher Columbus?

  • How did the arrival of the Europeans to the American continents affect the people who lived here?

  • How did the population of indigenous people go from 8.5 million to 100,000 by the time Columbus left?

  • How would this be similar to Germany celebrating Heinrich Himmler, a leader of the German Nazi party who coordinated the concentration camps?

  • How does this history impact reality today?

  • Do you think it is appropriate for our country to celebrate Columbus Day? If not, what might be something better that we could celebrate?
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