Step 4 | Discuss + Learn

Lesson Instructions

Play Video Clip from "Little Rock Central High School: 50 Years Later"

Clip is embedded below or find it on YouTube here... or download here...
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Remember allow the video to load in advance before playing for students.

Discussion Questions
  • Why do think the black students and white students are sitting on different sides of the classroom?

  • As you look around your school, do you see student segregation by race? Where? Think about the cafeteria, athletic events, or school dances.

  • Do you have any ideas about why this may be happening?

  • How might having parents who have not gone to college affect a student’s chance to succeed?

  • How might having parents who work two jobs affect a student’s chance to succeed? What burden might this place one the student?

  • How does the Us’s history of discriminating against people of color for generations impact young people today? For example, Jim Crow laws that formed separate and unequal black and white schools.

  • Do you have any ideas about what impact all of this may have on the future of our country?
Take Action!
  • Observe who eats together, sits together at sports events, pep rallies, walks together in the hallways, rides together on the bus. Report findings back to your school group.

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