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Lesson Instructions

Play Video Clip from "20/20 What Would You Do?"

Clip is embedded below or find it on YouTube here... or download here...
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Remember allow the video to load in advance before playing for students.

Discussion Questions
  • How does watching this video make you feel?

  • Why do you think there was 1 call to the police on the white teens and 10 calls on the black teens to report the vandalism? How do you think stereotypes may be affecting the situation?

  • While the white teens were vandalizing the car, someone called the police on the black teens who were sleeping. Why do you think people called the police on the black teens who were sleeping?  Why do you think the caller suspected them of being robbers? What would you like to have seen happen instead?

  • Do you think the people who called the police on the black teens dislike black people?  Why or why not?

  • When the callers reporting the behavior of the black teens were asked if they would have called if they were white, they responded that they would have called even sooner. Why do you think they said this? What really happened in this experiment?

  • Do you see any similar examples in your life where white people are more likely to get a “pass” and people of color are more likely to be punished?

  • The black teens said that it would be a better world if we could stop racism and they hope this video will help. What can you do?

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