Step 4 | Discuss + Learn

Lesson Instructions

Play Video about Institutionalized Racism

Clip is embedded below or find it on YouTube here... or download here...
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Remember allow the video to load in advance before playing for students.
Note: This video contains a large amount of text that is on screen for short amounts of time. It may be helpful to read the text out loud to younger audiences.

Discussion Questions
  • What were some of the differences between Charles and LeBron’s schools? Think about:

    • Transportation to school
    • Class sizes and student to teacher ratio
    • School supplies (books, computers, etc)
    • Experience of the teachers
    • School budgets
    • Advanced Placement (AP) and college credit class offerings
    • School lunches
    • Sports and Extracurricular activities

  • How might these differences help or hinder Charles and LeBron’s future?

  • Have you ever been to a different school (maybe for a sports event or other school activity) in a community where the racial makeup was different than at the school where you attend? What was that experience like? Could you see things from the video that were similar or different from that experience?
Take Action!
  • Reach out to another Calling All Colors group from a different school with a different racial/ethnic makeup. Plan a school exchange to visit each other’s schools and learn about similarities and differences.



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