Step 4 | Discuss + Learn

Lesson Instructions

Pre-Meeting Prep

Download the following handouts and make one copy for each student.

Internalized Handout
Interpersonal Handout
Institutional Handout

Activity Instructions

Count students off by 1, 2, 3 and form groups based on number.

Give Group 1 copies of the “Internalized Racism in Schools” handout.
Give Group 2 the “Interpersonal Racism in Schools” handout.
Give Group 3 the “Institutions Racism in Schools” handout.

Instruct the students to read each line one by one and as a group. If they have seen evidence of this in their school, they should put a check mark by the line, think about a few examples, and be prepared to share them with the full group.

Give the students as much time as possible to discuss these items in their small groups. You may need more than one session. It is important to give them plenty of time to discuss the issues they see in their school.

After the students have had plenty of time to discuss in their small groups, have each group share with the full group what was discussed. Give the full group plenty of time to talk about the issues.

Take Action!

Now that your student group has learned and discussed together, you will start planning your Action Plan: a project that students design and complete in their school to address some of the issues discussed today. At your next meeting, start brainstorming as a group what to do for an Action Plan.



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