-Adapted from www.lookdifferent.org

This lesson explores microaggressions, those brief, commonplace statements that make you feel “less than,” excluded, annoyed or put down, whether intentionally or unintentionally.  This is our guide to breaking them down, helping you to avoid making them, and showing you what you can do if you experience them.


Watch all or some of the following video clips which are a part of MTV’s Look Different campaign. After watching the videos, discuss the following questions. Also, there is valuable information below each video which you can share with students.

Whatup, Bin Laden?

You’re pretty, for a dark girl.

Your English is so good.

You don’t look Jewish.

I can’t tell Asians apart.

How’d you get into that school?

You’re different, for a black guy.

Discussion Questions

1. Have you seen or heard similar comments in our school?

2. What do you think is the impact of comments like these?

3. What can we do or say to help students in our school not make these types of comments?

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