A Tale of Two Schools


Watch the following video:

Discussion Questions

1. Have you ever visited a school other than your own? As you look around our region, do you notice differences in schools? What have you noticed? If you have not been to another school, how could you find out more information?

2. What are the conditions like in your school? Do you see similarities or differences to what you saw in the video? What sports are offered in your school? What spaces do you have for sports (gyms, pools, courts, fields ect.)? How many options of extracurricular activities do you have? Do you think that these things are the same or different at other schools?

3. The video mentioned school funding. In our state, if homes are worth more money in your community, the school will get more money. Does this give every student in the state of Michigan the same opportunity? Do you think this is a fair system? If not, how do you think we should change things? How can you find out more information about how much money your school gets?

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