Spring Conference

Pre-Conference Tasks

Submit Student Lists
These lists enable staff to create diverse groups for the conference dialogue, so it is critical all lists arrive before the deadline. Email completed listed to program@ethnicdiversity.org. 
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Reserve Transportation
Arrange transportation as soon as possible to avoid conflicts with other school activities.

Obtain Permission Slips
If your school requires them, collect permission slips.
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Create Presentation
Each school will have five minutes on stage to present what they have done for their Action Plan. Interactive presentations are encouraged! Is there a way you can SHOW us the great work your group has done instead of just TELL? You will have access to a computer, projector and audio. You can bring your presentation on a USB drive or access it from the internet. Check out the helpful tips below.

School Presentation Tips

Keep It Simple

Each group has only five minutes, so keep it short. Make sure to cover these points:
  • What problem(s) did you identify?
  • What solution(s) did you identify?
  • What steps did you take toward the solution?
  • What happened as a result?
Involve Many
Divide and assign parts of the presentation among many students in the group. Think about ways to engage the audience by using images, quotes, a skit, or a prop. Show us the great things you have done!

Be Prepared
Please bring any digital files needed on a flashdrive, not CD. Bring a backup just in case. We also encourage students who are presenting information to have their lines written on a index cards, as lighting on stage is not always ideal for reading information directly from the screen. And practice ahead of time.

PowerPoint Tips

Emphasize visuals: 
PowerPoint is a visual medium - select images or pictures that compliment the message your presentation is portraying.

Use BIG fonts: If you can't see it from the back of the room: it's too small. Select keywords or phrases. No full sentences. And don't write out what the speaker is saying. PowerPoint should compliment what you have to say - not say it for you.

Download our template: 
Don't feel like you need to recreate the wheel - download our template as a place to start.
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Program Logistics 

Spring 2018 Conference Dates 

Lakeshore Middle Schools - Monday, April 30 at Grand Valley State University, Allendale

Lakeshore High Schools - Monday, May 1 at Grand Valley State University, Allendale


Grand Valley State University Registration

The conference registration be from 8:20-8:50 am in the Grand River Room in the Kirkhoff Center. We encourage schools to be registered and seated in the theater by 8:50 am so we can start promptly. Should your school be arriving late, please contact program@ethnicdiversity.org.

Drop-Off and Parking

Drop off your students at the circle drive at the Kirkhoff Center. The Grand River Room is the large room on the second floor. There will be Diversity Alliance staff will be there to help direct you to the correct place. 

Buses can park in the back of Lot H, closer to Laker Drive. Park with the red “S” signs marked for students. Please do not park in faculty or metered parking. The campus will be on break at this time so there should be plenty of space to park and vehicles will not require a parking pass.

Dismissal and Pick-Up

The conference will end in the same room as in years past in the Kirkhoff Center. Students can be picked up in the circle drive in front of the Kirkhof Center at 1:30pm. Should your school need to leave early or be dismissed early, please contact program@ethnicdiversity.org.
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