1998-05-09 Grand Haven Tribune "Making a difference"

Making a difference
Grand Haven Tribune Opinion

To the Editor:

The Grand Haven and Spring Lake Middle Schools were among 12 schools that sent representatives to the 1998 Calling All Colors race/unity conference at Grand Valley State University Friday, May 8. In order for a school to participate, the school must have a least one professional employee willing to work with the students for weeks leading up to the conference. The goal was to address issues of ethnic diversity and racial harmony. After bringing students to the conference, these students and school personnel will continue to meet together to implement plans they have created at the conference for positively impacting racial unity in their school communities.

I would like to commend both the students who chose to take this time to make a difference in their schools and the school personnel who have made the commitment to these students and this issue. Particularly in Grand Haven where teachers are without a contract, this commitment speaks highly of these individuals.

Thank you to Chris VanSlooten, Terry Avink, Scott TenHagen, Tom Puelo, and Ben Lawrence of Grand HAven Schools and Patty Keller and Ron Schneider of Spring Lake Schools. It is a privilege to work with you on this very important endeavor.