2001-02 Midwest Business Alliance Journal Ottawa Area Summit on Racism - Inclusion Depends on All of Us

Ottawa Area Summit on Racism - Inclusion Depends on All of Us
Midwest Business Alliance Journal

Two nationally known civil rights leaders will give keynote address at the Ottawa Area Summit on Racism February 13 at Hope College in Holland.

They are Dr. Gregory H. Williams, Dean of the Ohio State University Law School and author of “Life on the Color Line” and Dr. Juan Andrade, Jr., president of the Unites States Hispanic Leadership Institute in Chicago.

The Summit, open to all, will begin at 8am in Dimnent Chapel on the Hope Campus and will end at 4pm. In addition to the speakers, there will be seven sector workshops focusing on business, government, education, faith communities, health care, community organizations and media. Participants will select one workshop and develop strategies that can be put into action to overcome racial barriers in the community.

Gail Harrison, executive director of the sponsoring organization, The Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance said, “Creating an inclusive community depend son al of us. We will go away from the Ottawa Area Summit knowing specific steps we can take to make our towns places where all are respected and valued.”

Registration brochures for the Summit will be mailed this week to several hundred people who took part in Holland or Grand Haven Town Meetings last fall or the Leadership Conference in December. Forms also available at ww.ethnicdiversity.org. The cost is $15, including lunch.

Dean Williams, a law professor for 22 years, is immediate past president of the Association of American Law Schools. In 1999, he was named the first recipient of the National Bar Association’s A Leon Higginbotham, Jr. Award for contributions of human and civil rights. His best-selling book has received several awards.

Dr. Andrade has headed the US Hispanic Leadership Institute since 1982. The Institute educates the public about Hispanic issues and politics, trains public officials in local development programs, advocates for policies supported by Hispanics, and conducts research on Hispanic social, economic, and political demographics. He has received a number of awards and worked with government and community leaders in many Central and South American countries, Mexico and Haiti.

In addition to LEDA, organizations collaborating on the Summit are Latin Americans United for Progress, the African-American Support Group/COBB Community center, and the Alliance for Cultural and Ethnic Harmony, all based in Hollland.