2001-11-14 Holland Sentinel County shouldn't accept injustice

County shouldn’t accept injustice
Holland Sentinel

To the Editor:

County Commissioner Joe Haveman’s position, as reported in Friday’s Sentinel, on funding an extension office of the Fair Housing Center of Greater Grand Rapids should be unacceptable to all Ottawa County residents. He is quoted as saying, “Let’s accept the fact that we live in an imperfect world and there will always be some sort of discrimination.”

Accepting that the world is imperfect can justify in action toward all manner of injustice. Our elected leaders have a sacred duty to do all that is reasonable to assure that the rights of all people they represent are equally protected. It is precisely because the world is imperfect that government exists and protection is required for those who suffer discrimination.

Mr. Haveman was reported to claim that with people like Holland human relations coordinator Al Serrano available, tools are already in place to handle discrimination. However Haveman apparently is unwilling to accept the judgment of Serrano about adequacy of these tools, since Serrano spoke out in support of an extension office.

Mr. Haveman should rethink his position toward imperfection in the world and join those seeking to reduce it, rather than arguing that, because imperfection may always be with us, we should accept it.