2002-02-05 Holland Sentinel Waiting for Mr. Lozon

Waiting for Mr. Lozon
Holland Sentinel

To the Editor:

The third Summit on racism is in less than two weeks, and yet Mike Lozon’s registration has not yet crossed my desk.

Over the past year I have read with interest Mr. Lozon’s characterizations of the Summit in the Sentinel. Mike has depicted the Summit process as an exercise in futility, misguided attempts to build tolerance which instead focus on victimhood and exaggerate local problems and overstating racism and distorting reality.

In July, I invited Mr. Lozon out for tea to discuss his assessments. I explained my bewilderment that a person who had never attended a Summit could have such strong sentiments about its value. For most of the hour I listened, but in the end I invited Mike to the 2003 summit. Mike assured me he would come. I thought we had a gentleman’s agreement that there would be no more attacks on the Summit until he had the credibility of experience behind him. I must have misunderstood. But I am positive he promised to attend the 2003 summit.

There is a place at the table for you, Mike. You might find out you have the Summit pegged wrong and I’m quite sure you would have much to offer the discussion.

Gail Harrison, Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance