2002-02-28 Holland Sentinel Commentary was irresponsible

Commentary was irresponsible
Holland Sentinel

To the Editor:

Mike Lozon’s essay, “An Exercise in Futility,” was aptly titled. Not because it described the second annual Ottawa Area Summit on Racism he tried to rebuke, but because of his poor attempt to clarify the situation of race in Holland.

Using extreme generalizations and dangerous stereotypes, Mr. Lozon tried to explain away the concerns of area minorities as being unfounded. After all, “those with reasonable intelligence can succeed” and if they don’t, “It’s because they lack determination and perseverance.”

It’s remarkable that a white, middle-class male living in “Holland’s Christian foundation” is so adept in understanding the plight of minorities’ living in this area. I would have liked to brush away Mr. Lozon’s comments as being just naïve. Instead, his rhetoric and tone stamp his essay as being irresponsible, all the more reason to have the third annual summit, next year.