2002-10-14 Holland Sentinel Lozon disregards blacks' experience

Lozon disregards blacks’ experience
Holland Sentinel

To the Editor: How ironic that on Tuesday, while dozens of area middle school children gathered at Hope College for “Calling All Colors,” a conference designed to promote racial harmony through education, columnist Mike Lozon once again displayed his ignorance of and disregard for the experience of people of color in our community.

In “The land of the easily offended,” Mr. Lozon labels black students’ reaction to a white-sponsored “Ghetto Fabulous” party at Hope College as “thin-skinned” and characterizes their expression of pain and outrage as “the real injustice” in the whole situation if Mr. Lozon knew what it was like to walk around inside the skin of a person of color on Hope’s campus or anywhere in the Holland community, for that matter-perhaps his judgment of how students of color reacted to the “ghetto” party would be worth paying attention to.

But he doesn’t know the experience of people of color, and it’s clear that he hasn’t even tried to educate himself. Mr. Lozon could learn a lesson or two about respect and understanding from those middle schoolers who attended “Calling All Colors” on Tuesday and pledged to work toward racial harmony in their schools. Maybe after spending some time with those kids, he’d think twice before making proclamations about what is and what is not “truly racist not insensitive” from the comfort of his bubble of white privilege.