2003-03-18 Holland Sentinel Living in a cultural bubble

Living in a cultural bubble
Holland Sentinel

To the Editor:

Mike Lozon seems to downplay the need for citizens of this area to try to make the community a place where people of varied ethnicities and cultures can live in mutual respect and harmony.

It would have been helpful if he had mentioned his specific objections to what he experienced at the recent Summit on Racism. Does he dispute the keynote speakers very careful research and analyses of the perceptions we have about people different from ourselves?

My experience in attending an Institute for the Healing of Racism was quite different from the people he cites. There were open expressions of experiences, ideas and feelings. There were no thought police telling us what to think or feel.

Mr. Lozon is living in a cultural bubble or in a society of angels if he never hears jokes that denigrate minorities or racist remarks spoken in anger or frustration. Mr. Lozon will serve the community better by not impugning the motives of those with whom he disagrees, but rather challenges our ideas as we really have presented them.

-Phil Coray, Holland