2003-11-07 Lakeshore Press Discuss local acts of racism

Discuss local acts of racism
Lakeshore Press

A town meeting on the fight against racism in Holland will be held at 7 p.m. Nov. 18, at St. Francis de Sales Church, 171 W. 13th St.. People who have encountered racism in Holland, and those who are standing up against it, are encouraged to attend and share their struggles and successes.

Speakers will include Hoa Huynh, Lorna Hernandez Jarvis, Kristina Kyles, St. Pat Lamb and Danny Sphabamixay.

Issues raised at this town meeting will be addressed at the Ottawa Are Summit on Racism, to be held March 20 at Hope College.

For more information, call the Rev. Andres Fierro at 392-4232.