2005-05-19 Muskegon Chronicle Police stop race-based family picnic ad campaign

Police stop race-based “family picnic” ad campaign
Muskegon Chronicle

Organizers of a picnic and political discussion open only to those of “pre-dominant white ancestry” have been warned to stop posting fliers on public land or buildings by police officials in Muskegon and Ottawa counties. According to Spring Lake/Ferrysburg Police Chief Roger DeYoung, fliers for the “White Voices of America Family Picnic & Political Discussion” were discovered this week in a Ferrysburg park by a city public works employee. Identical fliers also have been posted in Grand haven and in Fruitprot, DeYoung said.

DeYoung said the primary organizer of the event, Cory Kent Traxler, 22, of 13625 State, Nunica, has been warned to stop posting the fliers in right of ways, public parks and public buildings. Traxler, who is on parole after being released from prison about a year ago, could not be reached for comment.

DeYoung said he has been in contact with Traxler’s parole officer, who was to see whether organizing such an event is a violation of parole terms. DeYoung said police agencies in Grand Haven and Fruitport Township also have been notified.

According to the report from the Spring Lake/ Ferrysburg Police Department, Traxler told an officer the fliers were distributed by a friend prematurely and did not list a time date or place for the event. Traxler recently rented a Spring Lake Post Office box under the name White Voices of America.

Traxler was sentenced to prison in 2001 for a safe-breaking and four breaking-and-enterings in Muskegon County, Two breaking-and entering in Ottawa County and one in Newaygo County. He was paroled April 11, 2004.

According to the flier, the event Traxler is organizing will be “family oriented” and will b “free of racial slurs and profanities.” The flier states that White Voices of America “is a small group of people wishing to unite fellow white kindred to discuss and find ways to help problems facing white America and in your local community as well…affirmative action, immigration, our children’s schools and economic issues just to name a few.”