2007 Holland Chamber News "Institute for Healing Racism: Addressing Individual and Institutional Racism in Businesses and the Community"

Institute for Healing Racism: Addressing Individual and Institutional Racism in Businesses and the Community
Holland Chamber News

Institute for Healing Racism is a joint program of the Holland Area Chamber of Commerce and Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance. Gail Harrison, Executive Director, and Ortencia Bos, Program Director, co-facilitated the first Fall Session held with 15 individuals completing the eight-week program.

The Institute for Healing Racism has been called a powerful method for addressing and confronting racism from both white and non-white perspectives. A primary objective of the Institute is to help participants gain a better understanding of how racism is played out in everyday life – at home, in the workplace, in educational institution, government, and more.
The goal of the Institute is to seek elimination of the culture of individual and institutional racism in businesses and the community.

After completion of the program, participants said:

“The Institute for Healing Racism gives everyone a shared experience. Out of this emerges a foundation to start building a stronger community. The Institutes infuse the trust factor back into the relationships –building allies and honest relationships all revolving around the healing of racism. It is powerful.”

“Though the reviewing of history, the discussion of current events in modern media, along with the safe and encouraging atmosphere, the Institute promotes and welcomes all to participate and share. The Institute helped me to gain a new and deeper perspective on ethnic diversity and racism.”

“This has been one of the most eye-opening and life-changing courses I have ever participated in. The emotional roller coaster of disbelief, hurt, anger, and guilt has left an impression that will always remain a part of me. I consider the tools and information learned…priceless.”