2008-05-28 Holland Sentinel "Students tackled tough questions at Calling All Colors"

Letter - Students tackled tough questions at Calling All Colors
Holland Sentinel

Holland, MI —

This year, Holland Christian High School took part ifor the first time in the Calling all Colors project through the Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance (LEDA), and just for the record this group did wrestle with the “elephant in the room,” looking for honest solutions on racism, inclusion and diversity.

Because Calling All Colors presents a unique opportunity for middle schools and, now, high schools to prepare the next generation of leaders with the skills to live harmoniously with people from a wide variety of races and ethnic backgrounds, Holland Christian High School embraced this opportunity to understand its response to issues like racism and inclusion. Throughout this process, the most change was seen through the authentic relationships that formed while building solutions for our future.

The students were asked to implement an action plan that develops over the school year. With the help from staff at LEDA and school liaisons, the goal to increase appreciation for diversity and awareness was promoted to the entire school body.

I personally want to applaud HCHS for being an intentional partner in this issue. I humbly thank the students who allowed me, a Holland Christian alumna, to journey and mentor this process. To Jan Kwantes, a leader-servant: Your insight and integrity through this event was most noted and commended. Thank you for your drive and complete support to this issue and most of all, the students.

My prayer is that the community will embrace these efforts as the school commit to continue Calling All Colors each year. I encourage the school to keep seeking resources and those who can speak into this issue. Thank you, LEDA, for offering a positive tool for our local schools and for those in the community who contribute financially to the Calling All Colors program, investing solutions into our youth.

Robyn L. Afrik