2010-05-12 Diversity Alliance Press Release - W.K. Kellogg Foundation Grant

Diversity Alliance Received $180,000 Grant for Racial Healing as part of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation $75 Million Effort to Tackle Structural Racism and Promote Healing
America Healing Initiative will Expand Opportunities for Vulnerable Children

Holland – The Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance (Diversity Alliance) is honored and delighted to be a recipient of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Racial Equity Work grant of $180,000. This significant grant will provide the Diversity Alliance with the resources needed to scale up programming designed to foster a culturally responsive region committed to racial and ethnic inclusion.

This grant to the Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance is one of 119 awarded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to support racial equity and healing. “We are extremely honored to have been chosen as a recipient of the Racial Equity Work grant and the opportunity this grant will provide for us to expand our work to heal racial inequities and advance an inclusive region,” said Executive Director Gail Harrison.

In an unprecedented effort to address the devastating impact of racial inequities on communities across the country, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation yesterday launched a five-year, $75 million initiative – America Healing – that aims to improve life outcomes for vulnerable children and their families by promoting racial healing and eliminating barriers to opportunities.

Support from this grant will allow the Diversity Alliance to expand the Institutes for Racial Healing, expand and adapt the Calling All Colors program to area elementary schools, increase Diversity Education, scale up programming for area migrant children, and advance public policy initiatives to reduce neighborhood and residential segregation.

Children of color are over-represented among the 29 million low-income children and families in this country, particularly among families living in concentrated poverty. According to data from the National Center for Children in Poverty, about 61 percent of African American, 62 percent of Latino, 57 percent of Native American, 58 percent of children with immigrant parents, 30 percent of Asian American children and 26 percent of white children live in low-income families.

The goal of the America Healing initiative is to help make that vision a reality by engaging communities and supporting them in the hard work of racial healing and addressing the effects of historic and contemporary structural issues, such as residential segregation and concentrated poverty.

During the first phase of America Healing, 119 organizations will receive grants totaling $14,613,709 specifically to support community-based organizations’ healing efforts among racial and ethnic groups that address historic burdens, disparities and barriers to opportunity. Their efforts will focus within local communities to increase opportunities for children in education, health and economic areas. Grantees represent 29 states and the District of Columbia and all racial and ethnic population groups. To highlight the desire of communities to work together on racial healing, the foundation created a signature video, capturing the spirit of the initiative. The video can be viewed at www.AmericaHealing.org.

Moreover, the America Healing initiative complements the racial equity approach in all of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation grant-making directed at supporting vulnerable children, their families and communities. The new initiative will continue to focus on issues at the core of structural racism and will align with the foundation’s program areas: Education and Learning; Food, Health and Well-being; and Family Economic Security.

To learn more about America Healing, please visit http://www.americahealing.org.

The Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance seeks to dismantle racial, socioeconomic, and institutional barriers to ensure that people of all ethnic backgrounds have equal access and opportunity to participate fully in the life of the community. To learn more about the Diversity Alliance, please visit http://www.ethnicdiversity.org

About the W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Established in 1930, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (www.wkkf.org) supports children, families and communities as they strengthen and create conditions that propel vulnerable children to achieve success as individuals and as contributors to the larger community and society. Grants are concentrated in the United States, southern Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. The foundation is based in Battle Creek, Michigan.