Quick Facts
  • 725 people attended the 2015 Summit on Race and Inclusion. 98% of attendees felt that participation in the Summit increased their ability to be a partner in the racial equity movement. 
  • 4,076 young children were impacted by 257 childcare providers, parents and educators who completed a Talking to Kids About Race workshop in 2015. 96% of surveys collected indicated participants felt their experience in the training helped increase awareness regarding development of racial attitudes in children.
  • 16 clients contracted for 24 diversity workshops in 2015. 97% of participant surveys collected indicated that the training was valuable to their organization and/or community.
  • 30,960 people were impacted by the action plans of Calling All Colors students from 31 schools in four different counties during the 2014-2015 program year.
  • 201 reading encounters occurred between volunteers and 16 migrant children during our 2015 summer Reading Program.
  • 52 migrant children were matched 30 community volunteers as mentors during for the 2015 Migrant Mentoring Program season.
  • 65 students participated in our Spanish courses in 2015. Cumulatively, we have provided 27 community courses with a total of 414 students and 22 tailored business courses.