Inclusion & Diversity Consulting

Our Inclusion & Diversity Consulting model guides organizations through a comprehensive, research-based assessment that identifies barriers and develops customized solutions to advance and sustain inclusion long term. For over a decade, the Diversity Alliance has extensively researched and collected practical knowledge for achieving inclusive organizations. As an organization working exclusively on issues and programming related to racial equity, the Diversity Alliance is uniquely positioned to assist others in reaching their goals and contributing to the development of a vibrant, sustainable, and successful region for all.

Statement of Need

The complex nature of diversity and inclusion issues in twenty-first century U.S. society creates special challenges for institutions. Businesses, educational systems, government entities, faith communities, and non-profit organizations all have an increased need to effectively engage diverse populations as the demographics of communities change and markets become increasingly global. Frequently, organizations find themselves with a desire to diversify their staff or client base, but lack the tools and knowledge to effectively create this change. That's where we come in.