2005 "White Voices of America" Flyer


Family picnic & Political Discussion

Please don’t let the name fool you. This is not a gathering requiring you to shave your head or wear a bed sheet and burn crosses. WVA is a small group of people wishing to unite fellow white kindred to discuss and find ways to help problems facing white America, and in your local community as well….affirmative action, immigration, our childrens schools and economic issues just to name a few.

We do not wish to have any leaders or ranks, or any cult-like organizational methods which just cause problems. When all
individuals have the opportunity to meet, everyone can then democratically discuss any methods of organizing for a positive
outcome. THIS WILL NOT BE A MEETING WITH A BELLIGERENT MAN STANDING BEHIND A PODIUM HOLLERING RACIAL SLURS AND PROFANITIES. In fact, this gathering will be family oriented, with free food and beverage, and activities for children as well as the adults. Since we believe we must first solve problems facing our own people, you must be of pre-dominant white ancestry to join or attend any gatherings of WVA.

We are not asking for your money. Any persons who would like to volunteer in any way, should contact us, and it would be much appreciated. For any questions or comments, please contact Melissa at:

P.O. Box 364
Spring Lake, Mi 49456

Tel: (231) 855-0260