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2008 Racial Intimidation Graffiti Incident

Racist graffiti spray-painted at the Robinson family home.


On the night of August 17, the word "nigger" and a caricature face were spray-painted on the driveway of a Park Township family. This was discovered the next morning by the teenage son; one of the daughters asked her mother, "Does this mean we will be killed?"

The night of August 19, in response to this heinous act, a group of community organizations and residents met to identify ways to respond.

The morning of August 21, the Diversity Alliance, the Alliance for Cultural and Ethnic Harmony, and Latin Americans United for Progress sent out an urgent request asking people to sign the "Not here. Not now. Not ever again." pledge.

On August 22, lead stories about the pledge ran in the Holland Sentinel and Grand Haven Tribune. By five o'clock that day, over 1,500 names had been collected in support of this pledge. And kept coming in.

On August 28, over 2,000 names had been collected in support of the pledge. And kept coming in.

On September 02,
the name collection was cut-off for submission to the press, totaling 2,699 names. Also, $4875 in donations and commitments were secured towards the printing of the pledge and names in both the Holland Sentinel and the Grand Haven Tribune.

On September 06 and 07, the pledge and 2,699 collected names ran in the Grand Haven Tribune and Holland Sentinel, respectively.
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On September 08,
The Diversity Alliance made the decision to continue collecting signatures because:
1) many signatures were submitted after the cut-off and
2) We recognize due to many factors - such as time, organizational capacity and penmanship - some individuals were not included in the newspaper ads.

On September 21,
a Community Potluck showed support for the Robinson family. read more...

On October 30, a Community Forum was held on Hate and Hate Crimes. read more...

To date, 2,989 names of support have been collected. 290 of those names have been collected in the supplementary list. view supplementary list...