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2011 Ottawa County Redistricting


Throughout the Spring of 2011, the Diversity Alliance, in collaboration with Latin Americans United for Progress, the ACLU of Michigan and interested residents of Ottawa County, participated in the Ottawa County Reapportionment process to determine County Commission districts for the next decade.

In drawing and submitting maps for consideration, the group requested the Commission consider "communities of common interest." These communities encompass economic, social, cultural and racial factors in addition to geographic and other factors mandated by the statute.

The group believed this is a critical component to the redistricting process because groups who share common cultural, economic, social and similar concerns are likely to have similar legislative concerns.

Communities of common interest can benefit from representation in the Commission and, conversely, may be placed at a disadvantage without that representation.

In order to accomplish these objectives, the group prepared and submitted a series of maps.

The final map chosen by the Redistricting Commission to define the 2010-2020 Commissioner Districts was the map the team prepared, submitted and recommended for final approval.