Allies Working for Social Justice & Environmental Progress

The Allies work to discuss concerns and develop strategies surrounding nine key issues, including: 

            • Immigration Policy
            • Racial Justice
            • Women's Issues
            • LGBTQ Equity
            • Religious Tolerance
            • Environmental Protection
            • Hate Crimes
            • School Bullying
            • Protecting Health Care

We recognize that change and progress are necessary in each of these topic areas, and that in many cases the issues are extremely complex. But this is why we invite everyone in the Lakeshore community to join us, as we seek to make an impact in our local communities.

Join Allies
If you're interested in becoming involved in a specific group, please send us your contact information, and we will pass it on to the conveners or organizers of that group.  Thank you for your support and we look forward to adding you to our community of Allies! If you would like more information or have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us by email (allies@ethnicdiversity.org) or by phone (616.846.9074).

We also invite you to join the Allies Facebook group, where we discuss ideas, share progress, and post about upcoming events.

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In the meanwhile, don't be afraid to get involved by speaking with your Representatives to share your concerns, comments, and ideas.  Call 1-844-USA-0234 to be immediately connected to your members of Congress.

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This initiative, Allies Working for Social Justice and Environmental Progress, is a joint effort by the following community organizations:
                          • ACLU of Michigan 
                          • Citizens Climate Lobby
                          • City of Holland Human Relations Commission
                          • Grace Episcopal Church
                          • Hope Church, RCA
                          • Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance
                          • Lakeshore Progressive Women's Alliance
                          • Latin Americans United for Progress
                          • Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates
                          • Michigan Department of Civil Rights
                          • Out on the Lakeshore
                          • West Michigan Environmental Action Council
                          • And more!