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2016 Spring Lakeshore Schools

Conferences Overview

Nearly 250 students from 12 Lakeshore middle schools and 9 Lakeshore high schools gathered at GVSU on May 2nd & 3rd, respectively. This year marked the 20th annual fall conference for middle school students and the 9th spring conference for high school students.

At the conferences, students joined in small group dialogue sessions to talk about race issues, engaged in games, activities and a presentation by Kwame James. Students also explored aspects of history, the arts, and race.

Special Thanks

Many gracious thanks to:

Conference host: GVSU

Keynote: Fidel Mireles

Introduction: Dr. Beverly Grant

Keynote: Stephanie Rozales Program Director, Cook Arts Center

Participating Schools: Black River, Eagle Crest Charter Academy, Fruitport, Holland East, Holland West, Jefferson, Lakeshore, Mona Shores, Muskegon, West Ottawa, White Pines, Zeeland Christian, Central, Grand Haven High, West Ottawa, West MI Christian & Spring Lake, Muskegon.

Student Feedback

"Let’s do it again”

“We have a lot to learn from history.”

“Racism is real and we need to talk about it.”

“No talk about race – no change.”

“It is a difficult topic, but we need to face it.”

“Made some new friends.”

“Can’t believe there is so much we don’t know”