Leadership for Racial Equity Change
Tools for leading your organization through racial equity change
Leading an organization through change can be challenging. Leading an organization through racial equity change is complex and challenging. In this seminar participants will discover ways to lead an organization through racial equity change in a healthy and effective way. The latest leadership research and best practices in racial equity will be shared. A step by step process for implementing and assessing racial equity change will be provided.

Educating with a Racial Equity Lens
Enhancing learning and performance through racial equity awareness
Despite the societal value of a good education for all, academic outcomes show great disparities among various racial and ethnic groups. This seminar guides participants through an exploration of the latest research on root causes of these differences in educational results. Specific areas of focus are race and early childhood development, racial disparities in school discipline, and the role unintentional bias can play in impacting academic performance.

Racial Equity in the Workplace
Talent development and retention through equity, diversity, inclusion

Recruitment of diverse talent and retention of a diverse workforce is a critical co-payment of business success. Understanding the racial inequities in employment, hiring and advancement is critical to successful recruitment and retention. This seminar will explore the latest research and best practices of inclusion and diversity that bring the greatest return on investment for any business. Practical strategies and solutions for addressing inequities promoting inclusion and diversity will be shared.

Racially Equitable Faith Communities
Developing a racial equity model for racial reconciliation

Faith communities have long been at the forefront of the fight against discrimination and social justice. Churches and many faith communities value diversity/inclusion and racial reconciliation. Still, many churches and religious centers are less diverse that the communities in which they exist and the schools around them. This seminar will give faith leaders the tools to begin to address racial inequity in their religious center and community.

Racially Equitable Health Solutions
From unnatural health outcomes to healthy solutions for all

Are inequities in health care making us sick, reducing life expectancy, and causing excessive infant mortality rates? This seminar explores the social, individual, and economic value of health; the latest research on health inequities; the barriers to health equity; and best practices and solutions for equitable health outcomes for all people.

Racial Equity in Public Safety
Racially equitable public safety and justice

Public safety agencies and judicial systems deal with increasing diverse populations. The shared value of equal justice for all is not always realized. In contrast to the shared value fairness and justice for all, the outcomes for people of color in encounters with law enforcement and the justice system are disproportionately skewed toward the negative. Participants in this seminar will examine the historical patterns and current realities of legal inequity. The current research and innovative best practices will be shared to provide a foundation for implementing racial equity changes in public safety and judicial systems.

Racial Equity for Nonprofits and Public Sector
Aligning outcomes and shared values

Communities and the organizations that serve them have shared values. These shared values are not always realized for the people served or all members of a community. This seminar will give non-profit leadership and staff as well a public sector workers and leaders the foundation for developing strategies and program that align shared values with equitable outcomes for all.