Diversity Business Spanish Class
"Good Pace. Always interesting and challenging!"

The Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance Spanish Language Academy will tailor a language course to fit your organization's needs. Classes can be taught on site – no need for your staff to lose valuable work time driving to and from class.
Students will graduate confident and prepared to communicate in Spanish in general job-related encounters. Spanish skills will be acquired through structured training, exercises, and verbalizing.

To learn more about how your business, organization or agency can benefit from Spanish Language Academy boot camps, email Alfredo Hernandez or call 616.846.9074.

Esperamos poder servir sus necesidades – We look forward to serving your needs. 

6-Week Level 1 Boot Camp -- one hour, one day a week
Bonus Add on -- Key Industry-Specific Translations
Does your business, organization or agency interact with limited English proficient individuals on a daily basis? Do you or your staff communicate with individuals whose safety, legal rights or health are at stake? Do you work in a technical industry that demands accurate and concise communication to meet product or industry safety standards?

LEDA can help you meet this challenge by working with you on industry specific words and phrases to ensure proper translation, interpretation and cultural competency. The LEDA Spanish Language Academy instructors will translate key words and phrases selected by you in advance of the start of your organization’s Boot Camp. The words and phrases will be integrated into the Boot Camp curriculum.
  • Kick off with an introduction to native speaker pronunciation.
  • Learn greetings and introductions.
  • Develop a foundation of effective vocabulary.
  • Practice universal encounters and job-specific situations.

6-Week Level 2 Boot Camp -- one hour, one day a week
  • Refine native speaker pronunciation. 
  • Tackle advanced sentence structures. 
  • Strengthen and increase practical and useful vocabulary. 
  • Dive into advanced conversations and job-specific encounters and exchanges.

Four-Hour Abbreviated Boot Camp
  • Introduction to native speaker pronunciation.
  • Learn greetings and introductions.
  • Practice common encounters.

Required course book: “Easy Spanish Step By Step,” by Barbara Bregstein.