Ideas for Leisure Activities

Encourage your mentee to join a sport and attend the events at school. Coach younger children to a sports skill.

Play with a Frisbee or participate in some other fun outdoor game.

Play table tennis, badminton, squash or tennis. 

Go swimming, tandem biking, fishing, hiking, or camping; try rock climbing, canoeing or horseback riding.

Build, create, and design something, such as a model airplane or bird house.

Develop craft skills by making bead jewelry, knitting or embroidery, or painting a picture.

Try roller or ice skating, bowling, karaoke, or poetry readings. Attend a motor car rally or a motorbike race.

Learn an activity with you mentee: dancing, cooking, giving manicures or pedicures, or photography.

Teach your mentee to play chess, checkers, card games and other games that develop critical thinking skills.

Discuss how to make a purchase; teach about using customer service; go to an auction, garage sale, shopping mall, or consignment store.

Demonstrate appropriate pet care: brush, bath, trim nails, and clean up; walk a dog; visit an animal shelter.