Ideas for Building Relationship Skills
Include your mentee in celebrations with your friends and family; model appropriate ways to interact with others. 

Discuss dating, school, stereotypes, friendships and family issues.

Talk about situations you and your mentee have experienced; practice dealing with difficult or uncomfortable situations 

Encourage your mentee to join a club (school, faith community, etc) that promotes peer interaction and matches their interests. 

Take a picture every time you meet to document what you've done together, then periodically place these photos in a scrapbook together and discuss how your relationship has grown and/or changed

Show your mentee how you organize information, like how you keep track of birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries; make cards or gifts for someone in their life together. 

Model and discuss oral and written communication skills; show your mentee how you might respond to various situations and explain out loud how you thoughts and experiences lead you to those actions

Demonstrate and discuss the importance of teamwork, honesty, and dependability; provide examples of how your life/work was improved when working in a team

Show problem-solving with your mentee, when you encounter a problem, work through it out loud so your mentee can understand how you reached a decision

Practice time-management with your mentee; allow them to estimate how long a certain task will take and provide helpful input

Learn computer skills with you mentee; show them software they may not be familiar with; or ask them to show you how to do something on the computer to build their self confidence