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Racial Equity Diversity & Inclusion Seminars

Seminar Overview

Our seminars center on sector-specific information strategically tailored to empower professionals with knowledge and best practices to promote diversity and inclusion. Integrating the most updated research in the field, our expert trainers provide customized solutions in four key areas: health, education, business, and faith. These unique sector-specific programs provide professional development opportunities for those interested in maximizing their knowledge and taking practical steps to promote equity in their professional sphere. The cost to attend each seminar is only $50. 

Education Seminar

The Education Seminar explores the role that implicit bias, stereotypes, gender, race neutral policies, segregated neighborhoods and structural procedures play in the shaping of unequal learning outcomes in our communities. In addition, this program examines the socio-cultural and historical landscape that sustains what researches describe as the "School to Prison Pipeline." Ultimately, the education seminar offers strategies to effectively create and sustain diversity and inclusion.

Faith Seminar

The Faith Seminar compares and contrasts our common desire to live in social justice to the existing mindsets that sustain inequitable outcomes. The faith seminar reflects on the historical, religious and cultural settings that indirectly and unintentionally shape perception of self and others. The program aims at promoting socially conscious strategies to effectively create and sustain the communities we all want to see.

Business Seminar

The Business Seminar reflects on the importance of diversity and inclusion in a global economy. The program explores the economic advantages of inclusive environments through research based studies that measure performance between homogenous and culturally diverse groups. The business seminars ultimately point to the urgent need to embrace diversity in order to catch up with rapid demographic changes that project people of color comprising the majority of the workforce by 2019.

Health  Seminar

The Health Seminar highlights the relationship between unintentional bias, social determinants and racial health disparities. The latest research in health and race remind us that stereotypes significantly affect medical treatment; the health seminar explores the roots of racial health disparities to strategically change and improve social determinants of health and ensure access to equitable healthy outcomes.