2010 Lakeshore Region Summit on Racism

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum
Scholar, teacher, race relations expert, leader in higher education, and author of books like "Why Are All the Blacks Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?".
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Dr. Tony Campolo
Evangelic minister; media commentator on religious, social, and political matters; and author of books like "The Church Enslaved".
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Breakout Sessions

Inclusion: The Critical Step in the Business Case & Triple Bottom Line Solutions
Presenters discussed how companies can achieve and maintain inclusion in the workplace and how to participate in building strong communities that attract and retain talent and new business opportunities.
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Building One America: Advancing Policy for Inclusion
Presenters discussed a national coalition working to secure national, state, and regional public policies to build racially integrated, environmentally sustainable communities. Supporting a balanced program of revitalizing central cities, stabilizing older suburbs, and diversifying newer suburbs, learn of efforts to bring Building One America to West Michigan and how you can help.
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Cultural Sensitivity: Responding to the Changing Face of Our Community 
A panel of educators discussed and critically analyzed cultural and socialization issues and obstacles that children face daily within the public school systems and how we can work cohesively to overcome barriers that impede learning and inter-cultural relationships.
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Practicing Faith and Racial Justice 
An inter-faith panel of faith leaders will discuss and explore how issues of racial justice are viewed and addressed within their faith and in our changing community.
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Afternoon Engagement Breakouts
The afternoon sessions featured multiple short presentations by organizations and groups in our community. After the presentation, attendees will be invited to ask additional questions, gather information, and ultimately sign up to begin working on issues and projects that promote inclusion and provide real, positive change.