Morning Keynote

Transforming Our Concepts of Self and Others to Form an Inclusive Society - john a. powell

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Sector-Specific Breakout Sessions

Business Breakout Session - Manuel Pastor

Community Breakout Session – Sally Leiderman | Download PowerPoint Presentation

Education Breakout Session – Susan Eaton, William Trent, Phil Tegeler | Download PowerPoint Presentation

Faith Breakout Session– Alvin Herring | Download PowerPoint Presentation

Health Breakout Session – Brian Smedley |
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Law & Public Policy – Rachel Godsil
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Morning Panel Session
Topic: The Individual, Community, and Nationwide Impacts of Implicit Bias and Best Practices
Moderator: Jocelyn Sargent | Panelists: Brian Smedley, Alvin Herring, William Trent, Rachel Godsil

Afternoon Session

Reflection on White Privilege: Jim McHale

The Role of White Partners in the Racial Equity Movement Panel
Moderator: Sally Leiderman | Panelists: Brian Smedley, Alvin Herring, Rachel Godsil, Phil Tegeler

Afternoon Keynote
The Economic Benefits of Inclusion - Manuel Pastor | Download PowerPoint Presentation