summit agenda

Video welcoming from Gov. Snyder

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Morning Keynote
“Proactive Strategies: Interventions to Overcome Implicit Bias”
Rachel Godsil provided an overview of implicit bias and highlight how the brain's automatic operations can hinder racial equity goals. Godsil offered research-based interventions and best practices to move beyond bias and institutionalize equity.

Click here to view Rachel Godsil's powerpoint.

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Six separate breakout sessions were offered giving participants the opportunity to hear information relevant to a particular sector. National experts in the areas of health, government and public policy, faith, education, business and community presented an overview of the impact of implicit bias in their field. Presenters focused on sharing best practices from around the country for minimizing implicit bias and maximizing opportunities to promote equity.

Business: Mike Ramirez                                                                                                                                                                  Community: Maggie Potpachuk

Education: Shaun Harper
Faith: Alvin Herring
Government/Public Policy: Julie Nelson
Health: Paul Doyle

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Afternoon Panel

The afternoon panel continued the discussion of moving beyond bias, providing all participants the opportunity to hear from several national experts in various fields. This multi-sector panel of experts discussed how individuals, institutions and communities can move beyond bias and promote racial equity.

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Afternoon Keynote

“A New Era of Peace, Justice and True Community”
Reverend Alvin Herring inspired participants to truly move beyond bias and into a new era of equity and inclusion. By sharing stories of struggle and unity, Rev. Herring encouraged participants to see our shared humanity and motivated all to continue the courageous work of creating a just future.

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Afternoon Action Teams

Over 60 Summit participants who work or reside in the Tri-cities communities of Grand Haven, Spring Lake and Ferrysburg participated in sector specific Action Teams to identify institutional barriers to racial inclusion and equity in northwest Ottawa County, develop strategies to dismantle barriers in each sector, select measures for success, implement strategies and assess progress.