Summit 2016: Inclusion in Action - May 17, 2016
Summit 2016 Brochure
What happens when arts organizations orchestrate change by addressing the under representation of people of color in classical music performance?

What happens when governmental entities begin to understand the structures and systems that perpetuate the exclusion of communities of color? 

What happens when individuals in cities and neighborhoods across the country are given the tools and training to bridge the gap between what communities envision to be possible and what is actually achieved?

What happens when people of faith connect with other people of faith to grow broader social networks that reach from their neighbors to government officials? 

What happens when barriers are removed and inclusion is put into action? Find out at the 2016 Summit on Race and Inclusion when national experts present genuine examples of how intentional change transforms all lives for the better. Presenters will also offer strategies and proven best practices on how you can put inclusion into action by promoting diversity and equity in your organization, neighborhood, community, and beyond.

Keynote Speakers
Aaron Dworkin
Imagine a spotlight shining on you, not because of your extraordinary talent, but because of your skin color. 
That's how it felt for Aaron Dworkin when, as a young African American, he decided to pursue his love of classical music and the violin. First as a child growing up in New York City and Hershey, Pennsylvania, later as a student at Interlochen Arts Academy, and finally as a music student at the University of Michigan, Dworkin was struck by the lack of color among orchestra musicians. He also couldn't help noticing the disparity in color in audiences. As the morning keynote speaker, Dworkin will share how as a graduate student at the University of Michigan, he made it his mission to orchestrate change by addressing the underrepresentation of people of color in classical music performance. 

In 1996, Dworkin founded the Sphinx Organization in Detroit and quickly set into motion his plan to showcase young black and Latino musicians through juried competitions and tours, by establishing educational programs to hone the talents of young musicians of color, and by urging conservatories and orchestras to be more inclusive in hiring professional musicians. Since its founding, Sphinx has become a leading national arts organization and is recognized for transforming lives though the power of diversity and the arts. Read more

Randall Mitsuo Goosby, 18, of African-American and Korean heritage, will be the featured afternoon keynote speaker. He is an alumnus of the Sphinx Organization, which was founded by the Summit's morning keynote speaker, Aaron Dworkin. Randall will share his experiences as an aspiring musician of color, as well as perform. At age 13, Randall became the youngest first prize winner of the annual Sphinx Concerto Competition. Randall is also the recipient of the organization's prestigious Linda and Isaac Stern Charitable Foundation Award, presented to him after his second performance at Carnegie Hall as part of the Sphinx Virtuoso. In 2014, Randall graduated from the Juilliard School's pre-college program, where he studied with Itzhak Perlman and Catherine Cho. He has also studied with Grammy-nominated violinist Philippe Quint. Today, Randall is pursuing an undergraduate degree in violin performance at Juilliard. He continues to study under Itzhak Perlman and Catherine Cho. He is the recipient of a Kovner Fellowship. Read more

Sector-Specific Breakout Experts
Summit attendees will hear from sector-specific experts who work hands-on in the areas of business, community, faith, health, education, and government and public policy. Sharing real-life examples and best practices from their field, industry and community leaders will show how every person can put inclusion into action by promoting diversity and equity in organizations, neighborhoods and beyond. Click here to read the speaker bios.

Aaron Dworkin, Dean
University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre and Dance

Government and Public Policy
Glenn Harris, President
Center for Social Inclusion (CSI)

Dushaw Hockett, Executive Director
SPACEs (Safe Places for the Advancement of Community and Equity)

Rev. Deth Im, Assistant Director of Training and Development
PICO National Organization
Dr. Simin Beg
Spectrum Health

Valeria Silva, Superintendent
St. Paul Public Schools

Mark King
Kellogg Company