"The Summit provides practical strategies that we can all immediately
begin implementing in our day-to-day interactions and organizations to
promote more inclusive atmospheres."
-Bing Goei, Eastern Floral, Chairman and CEO       

The Diversity Alliance Summit on Race & Inclusion examines the effects of racial disparities and strategies for their elimination at a day-long conference involving hundreds of participants from across the state of Michigan.

2001 began the first year in what was expected to be a five-year Lakeshore Region Summit on Racism series. In 2006, due to the Summit's success and high demand, it became a bi-annual event. Today, the Summit is a sold-out annual event. The day-long conference is designed to engage community members and key stakeholders in eliminating racial barriers in the lakeshore region.

Participants come to learn how discrimination affects communities economically and socially; understand how racial inclusion benefits everyone; learn tools to make a positive difference in our community; and join others to develop concrete plans for shaping a prosperous, inclusive future.