Workshop Overview

Children begin the development of racial attitudes at a very young age. Research shows that as early as six months, babies are beginning to sort out differences in skin color.  Talking to Kids About Race empowers parents, childcare providers, and educators of young children with an understanding of racial attitudes in early childhood development and provides tools for creating change through a research-based, comprehensive workshops.

Talking to Kids About Race I: Internalized-Developing Healthy Identities

The workshop explores how positive and negative messages around race effect children’s identities. Participants are provided with an activity booklet to engage in conversations about race in order to promote the development of positive racial identities.

Talking to Kids About Race II: Interpersonal- Creating Cultural Inclusion.

The workshop explores how children begin to create in-groups and out-groups and how these groups impact interactions. Participants are given tools and strategies to promote inclusion and create a mutual sense of belonging.

Sample Participant Feedback

“Before this workshop, I didn't know if we should use the colorblind approach or openly talk about our differences. Now I am equipped with ideas and tools on how to approach kids.”

The tools alone are astoundingly helpful, but the information and materials provided makes an amazing complete package.”

“The workshop was beneficial in providing me ideas on how to handle situations that I felt uncomfortable discussing before.”

“This experience has made me rethink how to talk to children when an issue may arise.”

Additional Information

Our workshop fulfills the Cultural Competency requirement for childcare providers in the Great Start to Quality system. learn more...

Recently featured on Michigan Radio's Seeking Change broadcast, Program Director, Sarah Salguera speaks to the importance engaging young kids. listen now...


17,000 children have been impacted by 881 childcare providers, parents and educators
from over 56 schools, child care centers, and in-home locations who completed a Talking to Kids About Race workshop. (see extensive list below)

98% of workshop participants felt prepared to talk to kids about race post-workshop in contrast to 62% pre-workshop.

100% of workshop participants felt the facilitator assisted the group in creating a safe space to talk about race.