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Racial Equity Diversity & Inclusion Workshops

Workshop Overview

 Our workshops are customized training solutions designed to build clients’ capacity to advance diversity and inclusion. Expert trainers provide clients with a safe and open environment to engage in essential conversations. Infused with the latest research in the field, our workshops offer an interactive, eye-opening experience tailored to address specific organizational needs.

To learn more, email Alfredo Hernandez, program director, or call 616.846.9074.

Sample Participant Feedback

“I enjoyed the research-based support for what we were learning.”

“This workshop gave a better understanding of the community around us and how to be understanding of those differences.”

“This is very informative and challenges people to look at their social interactions differently. I think all organizations should have this.”

“I feel like the presentation gave our organization the tools to continue the conversations and created a safe place for us to get started on this work.”


91% of surveys collected indicated the participants would benefit from additional trainings.

97% of surveys collected indicated that the participants felt the diversity training was valuable to their organization and/or community.

99% of surveys collected indicated that the participants felt the facilitators assisted the group in creating a safe space to talk about race.