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2011 Summer Women's Institute


A class of seventeen women participated in this special two-day Institute for Racial Healing provided by the Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance from 8:00 to 5:00pm on July 28 and July 29. The venue was graciously provided by Hope College's Office of Multicultural Education.

Participant Feedback

"Racism exists in subconscious ways ... through listening, believing, and understanding, we can be a vehicle for change."

"I gained ideas for being more courageous from participating in the Institute."

"Many of the concepts I have learned before have been strengthen, furthered, and explored resulting in invaluable learning."

"The personal stories of racism that were shared definitely influenced me."

"I learned much, but the Institute helped me realize how much more I have to learn."

"Participating in the Institute was very informative. I gained so many new ideas I can't wait to get started on my journey."

"I felt it was ok to be uncomfortable and share with a safe group."

"The Institute was eye opening and very informative. It was an excellent learning experience and tool."

"I have learned that we all need to be intentional and educated about issues of race."
Participant Action Plans

I pledge to identify and recognize white as a color.

I pledge to educate my friends and people in my community.

I pledge to stand up and speak out whenever I see racism.

I pledge to read more books related to race issues.

I pledge to educate myself more about different cultures.

I pledge to teach others what I have learned and plant seeds everywhere.

I pledge to listen more closely to the painful experiences of others and to not minimize their truth, but respect what I hear.

I pledge to become an advocate against systems that perpetuate racism.

I pledge to teach my grandchildren to know who they are and to believe in themselves.

I pledge to remember that my biases exist and confront myself about them.

I pledge to recognize racism in the media and my own thoughts.

I pledge to take action against institutional practices that are discriminatory.

I pledge to organize more cross-cultural play dates for my kids.

I pledge to take responsibility and write letters to the editor.

I pledge to watch movies/read books with my children that include positive role models of color and celebrate diversity.