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2012 Fall 2-Day Grand Haven Community Institute


A class of twenty-one community members completed an 2-Day Racial Equity Institute provided by the Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance on November 01 and 02. The venue was provided by Loutit District Library

Participant Feedback

This new racial equity framework and the latest research are very helpful in understanding this complex issue.

I never witnessed racism and assumed it did not exist. I feel educated to make a difference now.

I've learned how to back up the racial disparities with history and statistics.

One of the handouts was very helpful in providing me with ideas and strategies for talking to friends and family about racial equity.

The personal stories people shared were so valuable to the process.

I liked the open dialogue best. Being able to speak without fear.

The videos, discussions, and exercises were all useful as ways to demonstrate the different types and dimensions of racism.

Having the words to describe aversive racism helps to begin addressing it.

I gained an understanding of the difference between equity and equality and the impact of institutional and structural racism.
Participant Action Plans

I pledge to bring these ideas with me when working with youth and my family.

I pledge to talk to my bosses next week.

I pledge to be conscious about my biases.

I pledge to volunteer my time toward a project that will produce change.

I pledge to continue activities that involve discussions and mix with people who are different from me.